Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Spirit Sky

This is unusual. Lately I seem to have some kind of "thing" for the sky. My last three paintings, including this one, have had to do with the sky.  "Kootenai Sunset" and "Cosmic Sunrise" being the other two. I have no clue as to why.

What I enjoy most about these paintings is that all three were totally spontaneous. When I started painting I had no destination in mind. I just picked a color. Slapped it on the canvas and built the painting from there.

In the case of "Spirit Sky" my lofty aspiration was to use up remnant paint I keep in tiny paint pots. I hate to waste anything so I scrap up every bit of unused paint and put it in little pots. Both my parents were young adults during the Great Depression. It made quite an impression upon them. I was raised on axioms like "A penny saved is a penny earned" and "A fool and his money are soon parted". I am not complaining. I learned a lot about wealth building which today allows me to paint from the heart. That is a tremendous freedom and joy. Experiencing joy is one of my main drivers. I admit, however, my joy is further enhanced when someone tells me they like what I have created. I am not without ego. :)

When I put paint in the pots I put it in arbitrarily thereby randomly mixing colors. I would have no idea how to recreate some of these colors. But, then again, who cares? I surely don't. It's all part of the play. Painting really taps into my inner child.

Spirit Sky

So, there it is another totally unbridled and reckless painting and I love it. I am addicted to two things in this life endorphins and color. I get my endorphins rushes from walking and my color highs from painting. Gads, I'm a junkie!

©Walker Barnard


  1. Both Frank and I like your painting. It has been a dismal day and the painting colors helped make us smile.

    1. Ranch Lady your words are music to my ears. There is nothing so satisfying as being told something you created has brought a smile to someone face. That is so cool!