Saturday, January 23, 2016

Inexpensive Way to Display Canvas Board Paintings

I'm starting to accumulate paintings and so far I have only painted one that I truly did not like. Most of my painting are on canvas boards or 3/4 inch stretched canvas. I couldn't begin to afford to frame every painting and the chances of me ever selling any of them I would put at slim to none.

When I use canvas boards there aren't a lot of options for hanging them. I love to look at my paintings. I may not be worth a chit as a painter but I certainly have the love your work part down. I rate new pieces so that the ones I like best get a front row and center position. I needed to invent a way to be able to move the boards around as I paint new pictures that I find more appealing than others. So, I did.

I bot molding at Lowes, cut them into lengths, primed and painted them, drilled pilot holes and nailed those pretty little ledges to the wall. Now I can play musical paintings to my hearts delight!

Still need to set the nail heads and patch.

Display in my office
Golly, I love color!

©Kinsey Barnard

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