Thursday, November 19, 2015

Enquiries to Purchase My Paintings

I had to laugh. I got an unsolicited enquiry to purchase my paintings this morning.

It was no doubt some type of phising expedition but I couldn't help but to think "Wow, selling photographs was never so easy."

My supplies should start arriving tomorrow. I am anxious and terrified to begin. The fact that I am scared I see as a good sign I can't loose with this project. Clearly, if I feel this way there must be remnants of the fear of failure lurking within my psyche. At 67 it's probably time to rid myself of such nonsense once an for all. I thought I had but it seems not.

©Kinsey Barnard


  1. One method of painting from a photo was to project it onto the canvas and make a sketch. This of course worked when we had slide projectors.

  2. Yes, would be kind of a sticky wicket with digital. I'm afraid I'll have to eye-ball it!