Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Washing Your Canvas-Craftsy Classes

While waiting for my supplies to arrive I'm endeavoring to increase my knowledge base.

I have purchased two online art classes from Craftsy; Acrylic Painting -Basics and Beyond and Acrylic Painter's Toolbox. I think these are going to be wonderful tools for learning. It's as close to taking a live course as you can get. You have assignments and can ask questions of the teacher.

I've already looked at a few lessons. In one I was introduced to "washing" your canvas. This is basically tinting your entire canvas with a light wash of a color of your choosing before beginning your painting. I immediately found the subject of interest so I started researching via Google and found some additional, helpful information. One thing is clear, like anything else, ask 100 people and get 100 answers.

Here are 2 free videos I thought were particularly informative.

The Worst Mistake Acrylic Painters Make and How to Drastically Improve Your Painting

Watching these videos I am also picking up ideas about tools and work areas. It looks like just about every painter has his or her own ideas and rituals. One thing I noticed in particular was, a lot of artists don't even use an easel, at least not for the instructions. They paint on a table top. I'm glad I set aside my search for an easel. Clearly painting on a table top is good enough for learning and experimenting on small pieces. I'm sure one day I will have an "ah ha" moment and I will know just which easel is right for me. Meanwhile, I'll also have my $15 table easel to play with. Finding the Right Easel.

I wouldn't mind some day being able to paint something like this photo I recently took of Flathead Lake.

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