Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ready to Paint

I received my supplies from Amazon yesterday. Got my work space set up this morning.

I like this little easel. It allows me to sit whereas if I tried to work straight off the table top I would have to stand. Standing for long periods gives my back fits. As I had hoped the little drawer is a good place to store small  paint tubes.

I tried to do a wash on canvas paper. I used Phthalocyanine (crikey I can't even pronounce that one) for my color. In my lexicon this color shall henceforeth known as Navy Blue. When it dried the color was barely perceptible. Not at all what I was expecting. The canvas paper curled on me.  Then I tried the Cerulean Blue and got more color but uneven coverage because the paint pulled and I tried to paint over it. I tried to use equal measures of water and paint for both tests.

Cerulean Blue was. The white spots are what I call pulled. There were great globs of in the body.

Uneven blotchy wash
I thought putting a wash on the canvas was going to be the easiest part and maybe it is. Heaven help me. The dried wash looked nothing like the color of the paint. More experimentation is in order here for sure. The nicest color I got was in my brush wash jar!

©Kinsey Barnard

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